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About IDSafeChoice

IDSafeChoice – the trusted name in Identity Theft Programs!

NXG Strategies has developed the IDSafeChoice suite of products and programs to help financial institutions and other organizations provide their consumers and businesses with the highest-quality identity theft resolution and identity protection services at the best possible prices.


Why IDSafeChoice?

At the core of all IDSafeChoice Programs are Fully-Managed Recovery Services – providing Clients and Program members with peace of mind – if you ever become the victim of identity theft, as a member of an IDSafeChoice Program, you’re eligible to receive Fully-Managed Identity Recovery services, including:

  • A Professional Recovery Advocate – This identity theft resolution expert will restore your good name and rightful credit history.
  • A Recovery Package – Your Advocate will provide you with activation forms and instructions for immediate action and create a document file to track your recovery.
  • A Personal Identity Recovery Plan – Your Advocate will manage the research and recovery process for you and restore identity to pre-theft status, no matter how long it takes.
  • Post-Recovery Follow-up for 12 Full Months – Your Advocate will work with you to ensure complete recovery.


What Makes Fully-Managed Recovery Different?

With IDSafeChoice, a Professional Recovery Advocate will do all the work to restore your identity on your behalf – no matter what type of identity theft, and no matter how long it takes. Fully-Managed Recovery through IDSafeChoice includes:

  • Assignment of a Professional Recovery Advocate
  • Identity Theft Threat Assessment, including a review of Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Credit Reports
  • Fraud Alerts Placed with All Three Credit Bureaus and Federal and Local Law Enforcement
  • Overnight Delivery of a Fraud Recovery Package
  • Disputes Filed with All Banks, Government Agencies, Creditors, etc.
  • Progress Reports throughout Identity Restoration
  • Confirmation of Identity’s Return to Pre-Theft Status
  • Post-Recovery Follow-Up for 12 Months Following Restoration

Sponsored Group Programs Available!

NXG has led the industry with innovative solutions for putting affordable identity theft protection in the hands of consumers, while delivering value to corporate sponsors who are looking to provide:

  • Enhanced Acquisition/Retention of Consumer Relationships
  • FACTA Red Flag Compliance Requirements
  • Response Planning for Information Security Breach Incidents
  • Increased revenue opportunity while providing an excellent value to consumers! 

For details about IDSafeChoice program configurations offered by NXG, please contact NXG Strategies at 615-823-1311 or